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Precipitation Climatological Percentiles

Observed precipitation percentiles.

This map shows the 1982-2010 historically observed seasonal percentile value. By default showing the total seasonal rainfall value for the 50th percentile of the December-February season. Users can express the percentile in anomalies relative to the 1981-2010 climatology; choose one of the 17 percentiles that the Flexible Forecast allows to look at, as well as the traditional tercile values; and eventually pick another of the 12 3-month long seasons of the year.

Clicking on the map will generate some information about the location clicked, and a graph plotting all the 19 percentile values for that location, either as total precipitation or anomalies and for the chosen season.

Dataset Documentation

Historical precipitation derived from Monthly CMAP precipitation over the ocean and CPC Uniified Raingauge Database over land available here at 1˚ spatial resolution.



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