Soil Type

Rice Paddy Crop Cultivar -- Kc

Bicol Region Historical Wetter Water Balance

The Maproom explores historical daily water balance during the wetter season by calculating simple seasonal statistics.

The water balance algorithm is described in the IRI DL Function Documentation. For the 47 years of daily precipitation and average temperature available, the water balance is run continuously for a standard planting date of June 23rd. Kc is also invariant and a visualization of it in days since planting is provided.

Many options can be specified to produce yearly time series of a chosen seasonal diagnostic of the daily water blance data. The user can then choose to map the mean, standard deviation or probability of exceeding a chosen threshold, over years; clicking on the map will then produce a local yearly time series of the chosen diagnostic.

The KSPM was produced by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) for review by the United States Agency for International Development and partners on the BAWP and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID.


Years and Season: Specify the range of years over which to perform the analysis and choose the start and end dates of the season , over which the diagnostics are to be performed.
Water Stressed Day Definition: This defines the ratio of Reduced ET Crop with ET crop below which (non inclusive) a day is considered to be a water stressed day.

Seasonal daily statistcis: Choose the seasonal diagnostic quantity (i.e the statistic of the daily data) to be computed for each season, from the following choices.
Soil Moisture: average soil moisture (in mm/day) over the season.
Reduced Crop ET: average Reduced Crop ET during the season.
Effective Precipitation: the average effective precipitation over the season.
Crop Statisfaction: Crop Statisfaction is defined as the ratio of reduced ET crop and ET crop.
Water Stress: the number of water stressed days during the season according to the definitions in the Options section. Water stress is defined as Crop Statisfaction being lower than the chosen threshold.
Percent Available Water: PAW is defined as the percentage of available water, ie the ratio of soil moisture with total available water.
Water Excess: the number of days when PAW is 100%.

Yearly seasonal statistics: a choice of yearly statistics over the chosen season of the selected range of years to produce the map among: the mean, the standard deviation and the probability of exceeding a user specified threshold.

Dataset Documentation

Daily precipitation: APHRODITE version 1101 regridded to 0.05˚ spatial resolution

Daily mean temperature: APHRODITE version 1204R1 regridded to 0.05˚ spatial resolution

Daily temperature amplitude: WORLDCLIM difference between maximum and minimum temperature, regridded to 0.05˚ spatial resolution and to linearly interpolated from monthly climatology to daily from 1961 to 2007

Total Available Water: TAW derived from Bicol soil type textures with the from Soil Hydraulic Function - Mualem-Van Genuchten Model and the UNSODA databse.


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