Choose the variable you would like a table from: 0-10_cm_down soil moisture 0-10_cm_down Temperature 10-200_cm_down soil moisture 10-200_cm_down Temperature above_ground maximum Temperature above_ground minimum Temperature above_ground Specific humidity above_ground Temperature above_ground zonal wind above_ground meridional wind high-cloud Convective cloud cover high-cloud cloud cover high-cloud RH-type cloud cover high-cloud top Temperature low-cloud Convective cloud cover low-cloud cloud cover low-cloud RH-type cloud cover low-cloud top Temperature middle-cloud Convective cloud cover middle-cloud cloud cover middle-cloud RH-type cloud cover middle-cloud top Temperature soil Temperature surface clear_sky downward longwave flux surface clear_sky downward solar flux surface clear_sky upward solar flux surface cloud_forcing net longwave flux surface cloud_forcing net solar flux surface convective Convective precip. rate surface downward longwave flux surface downward solar flux surface ground Ground heat flux surface Ice concentration surface Land-sea mask surface latent Latent heat flux surface net longwave flux surface net solar flux surface potential evaporation surface Precipitation rate surface Pressure surface Runoff surface sensible Sensible heat flux surface snow Accum. snow surface snow melt heat flux surface snow rate surface snow sublimation heat flux surface Zonal momentum flux surface Meridional momentum flux surface Temperature surface Zonal gravity wave stress surface upward longwave flux surface upward solar flux surface Meridional gravity wave stress top clear_sky upward longwave flux top clear_sky upward solar flux top cloud_forcing net longwave flux top cloud_forcing net solar flux top downward solar flux top upward longwave flux top upward solar flux total_air_column cloud cover total_air_column cloud_forcing net longwave flux total_air_column cloud_forcing net solar flux ,
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XYLand-sea mask
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