Climate: Analysis, Monitoring and Forecasts

Historical, current, and future climate conditions around the globe.

    Daily, pentad, monthly and seasonal measures and analyses of atmospheric circulation.
    Daily, monthly, and seasonal measures and analyses of atmospheric temperature.
    Climate Bulletins from around the world
    These climatologies give the monthly (or seasonal) behavior in an average year for temperature, precipitation, and wind.
    The IRI has worked in collaboration with the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) and Climate Prediction Center (CPC) to develop a set of tools that provide probabilistic forecasts of future Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) as an indicator of drought for various accumulation periods over the U.S. and Mexico based upon two forecast methodologies.
    Seasonal forecasts of temperature and precipitation.
    Weekly, monthly and season measures and analyses of ocean temperature.
    Monthly to seasonal measures and analyses of precipitation.
    This maproom presents an approximate decomposition by time scale of twentieth-century precipitation variations.
    Working in collaboration with the World Bank, IRI has developed a map tool that enables a user to examine the components of variability of historical precipitation and temperature data at various time scales (interannual, decadal, and linear trend) during the 20th century. The tool was developed to serve as a component of the World Bank Climate Change Data Portal.