Individual Atmospheric General Circulation Models Forecast

Maps of temperature, precipitation and 500mb-geopotential height forecasts from Individual Atmospheric General Circulation Models.

The map displays seasonal forecasts according to user's settings. The forecasts of different models can be viewed, with different SST forcing. They actually are a mean of an ensemble of forecasts by the given model. The user is able to choose the variable which can be temperature at 2m, precipitation, or the 500mb-geopotential height. Different analysis of those variables are available: the total field or an anomaly relative to a climatology. For precipitation, the relative percentage of an ensemble-mean model seasonal median is also available. For 500mb-geopotential height, the zonal anomaly allows to remove the longitudinal mean from the seasonal anomalies. The default forecasts available are the latest ones, but the user can navigate through different issue times and their associated lead times.

Note on climatologies: In order to produce its Net Assessment form multi-model multi-ensemble forecasts, the IRI uses anomalies with regards to a climatology of which time range definition changes over time:

Note that the coupled models use a 1982-2011 climatology

Dataset Documentation

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