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UMBC2007 Using a Resource Description Framework (RDF) to carry metadata for climate datasets (UMBC2007 PDF)
AGU 2007 IN53B-1203 Using Multiple Metadata Standards to Describe Climate Datasets in a Semantic Framework (pdf)
ESIP Jan 2008 IRI Data Library Dataset Function Ontology and Multiple Metadata Framework
NY Semantic Web Meetup: 2009-12-10 Semantic Web Underpinnings of the IRI Data Library


Faceted Browser Configurable Search Interface for Data Library
browse via DL Browse Interface for Data Library Metadata
browse config Browse Interface for alternative SAILS
Schema Check Check of DL instances against some ontology constraints
IRIDL function index displays function information stored in RDF ontology as index
IRIDL function list displays function information stored in RDF ontology as list
IRIDL terms displays search terms for the IRIDL facets

Expired Datasets datasets by their expiration time
No Facet Query datasets without institute or Author facets
Dataset Tagging Interface interface for tagging variables with quantities
Authorization Realms

Primary Ontologies
DLstruct.owl Models, Objects, and Crosswalks for the Data Library (see figure (svg) (pdf))
iridl.owl ontology for Data Library (includes search/tagging terms)
iridlcontent.owl Describes structure of datasets/documents in the data library
Authorization.owl structure of authorization control in Data Library
iridlsemantics.owl possible future home for Data Library semantics -- currently in iridl.owl with the framework
maproom-edited.owl edited maproom metadata
AuthorizationRealms.owl instances file of Authorization Realms in the data library
ReferenceList.owl Data Library bibliography
IRI Gazetteer Place Names
ECMWF_ERA-40_subset.nc.owl sample netcdf dataset structure as netcdf RDF
ECMWF_ERA-40_subset.dap.owl sample netcdf dataset structure as OpenDAP RDF
ECMWF_ERA-40_subset.dapv2.owl sample netcdf dataset structure as OpenDAP RDF: uses classes dap:A_Float32 instead of dap:Array and dap:hasDataType declarations

iridlgcmd.owl crosswalk between Data Library and GCMD
iridlSWEET.owl connections between Data Library and SWEET
iridl2wms.owl connections between Data Library Maproom and WMS
cf2sweet.owl classification of the MMI CF standard names by SWEET -- perl script translation of the cf.xls spreadsheet on the JPL website to RDF
iridlcf.owl crosswalks between MMI CF standard names, iriterms, cf-att properties and iridl properties
gazterms.owl connector between irigaz (Gazeteer Features) and iriterm ontology: fills out the Location_Facet with Gazetteer terms
cf2wcs.owl crosswalk between CF attributes and WCS
udd2wcs.owl crosswalk between UDD attributes and WCS
dap2netcdf-obj.owl crosswalk between OPeNDAP and netcdf conceptual objects

Underlying Ontologies
cf-att.owl ontology describing the CF convention as datatype attributes
cf-obj.owl ontology describing the CF convention as datatype and objecttype attributes, i.e. within what I would like to be the DAP4 data model. This also has additional properties and objects that are described by rule in the CF documentation, e.g. how to geolocate objects: these property values are defined by rule from the objects defined within the CF attribute set.
wcs1p1.owl ontology describing the WCS 1.1 XML response files
wcs1p1S.owl ontology describing the WCS 1.1 XML response files -- subsection compatible with Elmo codegen
ows.owl ontology describing a portion of the WCS 1.1 XML response files
owcs.owl ontology describing a portion of the WCS 1.1 XML response files
datatypesasclasses.owl RDF literal types are classes, though Protege treats them specially, and the triple stores (and query standards) treat them as opaque labels. This ontology has the subclass relationships specfied in the original XML Schema specification. It also adds its own type numeric, so that decimal (a.k.a. integers), float and double can be refered to as a group.
projectionmappings.owl this is intended to map between different representations of particular projections, i.e. a projection type with particular choices of parameters. Currently it maps between CF and spatialRepresentationWKT (in the iridl namespace), but I intend to add the OGC urns soon.
NetcdfConventionRegistry.owl ontology contains a Metadata_Convention class, whose members are intended to be netcdf Conventions identified in the Conventions attribute. A Metadata_Convention is a subclass of ontology which has an additional property nc3:convention_name which is how it is specified in the Conventions tag. Without that property, it can be specified by giving the URI in the conventions tag or whatever other convention exists for using namespaces in netcdf files. It is intended that this information be gleaned via GRDDL from the netcdf registry file http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/conventions.html
NetcdfConventionCrosswalk.owl Crosswalk to map between netcdf Conventions identified in the Conventions attribute and ontologies which describe those conventions.
interface.owl metadata for iridl's metadata interfaces
iribib.owl ontology for bibliography (close to BibTeX)
iridlmetadata.owl starting point for the Data Library metadata scan (imports all needed files)
iridlrules.owl SWRL rules for Data Library metadata
iriterms.owl basic term ontology (used by search interface)
iriunits.owl placeholder for real units ontology
functions.owl ontology for describing data functions
functions_ingrid.owl ontology (instances of functions.owl) for describing Ingrid data functions
maproom.owl automatically-generated maproom metadata (reload this page if caching is hiding new maproom pages)
xmldocs.owl maproom metadata translations starting from the newmaproom maproomtop.owl and kept in the xmldocs repository
maproominfo.owl rules for filling out maproom metadata
moredatasetinfo.owl Additional Data Library Metadata (currently mostly variable replacements that do not fit a pattern)
ncbasic.owl ontology to describe Basic Netcdf attribute convention
netcdf-3.owl ontology to describe netcdf-3 basic structure
netcdf-obj.owl ontology to describe the basic netcdf conventions. Includes additional properties that do not appear explicitly in the attributes of a netcdf file: these properties are filled out by rule from the properties that are equivalent to attributes. Thus this ontologies interprets the netcdf structure as data objects
opendap.owl translation of DAP4 xml into RDF/OWL
projections.owl projections from the extended PostGIS projections table
dap2netcdf-obj.owl connection of dap 2.0 to netcdf-obj, e.g. covariance of variables.
iricrosswalk.owl framework for describing RDF crosswalks -- includes CONSTRUCT rules for realizing the implied virtual triples
rdfcache.owl Ontology to support an RDF persistent cache and SPARQL/SeRQL virtual triples
rss.owl RSS ontology (translated to OWL)
SWEET.owl Wrapper around the SWEET ontology
StructureMap.owl Relationships between ontologies and crosswalks
testbnsameas.owl Test of blank node same as and cardinality constraints
within.owl automatically generated rdsf:isDefinedBy statements
wmsAll.owl automatically generated from wms Schema
wcsAll.owl automatically generated from wcs Schema
UDDv1.owl NetCDF Attribute Convention for Dataset Discovery

Current Triple Counts (7 Dec 2007)
got 470445 statements from DLpersistent
got 3460756 statements from DLpersistentOWL
got 361476 statements from DLqueryextraction
got 20243 statements from Content
got 372 statements from map_page
got 3083 statements from dataset
got 12307 statements from dependent_variable
got 6747 statements from Distinguishing_Characteristics

Current Triple Counts (9 Oct 2008)
got 504961 statements from DLpersistent
got 3513365 statements from DLpersistentOWL
got 388321 statements from DLqueryextraction
got 22176 statements from Content
got 382 statements from map_page
got 3300 statements from dataset
got 12650 statements from dependent_variable
got 6783 statements from Distinguishing_Characteristics

Current Triple Counts (11 Mar 2009)
got 544738 statements from DLpersistent
got 3962322 statements from DLpersistentOWL
got 586974 statements from DLqueryextraction
got 24164 statements from Content
got 397 statements from map_page
got 3580 statements from dataset
got 14510 statements from dependent_variable
got 6799 statements from Distinguishing_Characteristics

Current Triple Counts (8 Feb 2011)
got 1038934 statements from DLpersistent
got 8051448 statements from DLpersistentOWL
got 833016 statements from DLqueryextraction
got 46025 statements from Content
got 408 statements from map_page
got 503 statements from dataset
got 27579 statements from dependent_variable
got 7894 statements from Distinguishing_Characteristics