Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of Andean Communities through Climate Services

ENANDES aims to increase the resilience and adaptive capacity to climate variability and change of highly vulnerable communities living in the Andes.

Through the generation of and access to specific climate information and services, governments and communities wil together be able to reduce climate-related risks and implement climate adaptation measure for protecting households and increasing food and water security. This integrated approach will ensure that all adaptive measures are sustainable and inclusive.

This section is dedicated to subseasonal forecasts, i.e. that bridge the gap between medium range weather forecasts (up to 10 days) and seasonal climate predictions (above a month). They are issued weekly, forecasting weekly values with lead times from 1 to about 4 weeks. Subseasonal forecasts may allow delivering relevant information about key climate characteristics such as the timing of the onset of a rainy season for agriculture or the risk of extreme rainfall events.

These maprooms include subseasonal forecasts of weekly precipitation based on the multi-model ensemble of individual forecasts issued every Fridays through the SubX real-time database.

SubX Forecasts
This subseasonal forecasting system consists of probabilistic precipitation forecasts based on the full probability distribution.
SubX Hindcast Skill
Subseasonal skill score based on the historical performance of each calibrated SubX model and their 3-model ensemble.