IRI Climate and Society Map Room

The climate and society maproom is a collection of maps and other figures that monitor climate and societal conditions at present and in the recent past. The maps and figures can be manipulated and are linked to the original data. Even if you are primarily interested in data rather than figures, this is a good place to see which datasets are particularly useful for monitoring current conditions.

    Historical, current, and future climate conditions around the globe.
    Adapting Agriculture to Climate Today, for Tomorrow; a Columbia World Project
    This collection of maps provides information that can be used for humanitarian decision-making around the world, developed by the IRI and the IFRC. It also provides information on the types of early action that can be taken based on these maps.
    This collection of maps provides climate forecast information on seasonal and subseasonal timescales to support decision-making by humanitarian aid agencies in the START Network
    This Map Room includes maps and analyses useful for monitoring ENSO, understanding the impacts and learning about key scientific advancements that have led to our current level of knowledge.
    Climate affects health in a number of ways. These effects may be direct, as with heat stress, or indirect, as with infectious diseases such as malaria and meningitis.
    Climate may affect food security directly or indirectly.
    The variability of seasonal temperature and precipitation and the sub-seasonal statistics of these and other climate variables play a key role in the quality and quantity of agricultural output. This map room includes maps and analyses of seasonal statistics of historical temperature and precipitation, seasonal temperature and precipitation forecasts, and GCM skill maps for regions of Asia and South America, and a map of farming systems in Africa.
    The Climate and Fire Map Room includes forecast and analysis tools for two regions of the world, Indonesia and the Western Amazon.
    Climate Information for Water Managers.
    Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of Andean Communities through Climate Services