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EthiopiaAmharaNorth Shewa (K3)Minjarna Shenkora247337297013663Minjarna Shenkora, North Shewa (K3), Amhara, Ethiopiabb:38.738480:9.008670:38.755920:9.029330:bb
EthiopiaAmharaNorth Shewa (K3)Mojana Wadera247347297013663Mojana Wadera, North Shewa (K3), Amhara, Ethiopiabb:38.726940:9.009470:38.743420:9.023540:bb
EthiopiaAmharaNorth Shewa (K3)Moretna Jiru247357297013663Moretna Jiru, North Shewa (K3), Amhara, Ethiopiabb:38.728168:9.022260:38.746479:9.033060:bb
EthiopiaAmharaNorth Shewa (K3)Siya Debirna Wayu & Ensaro247367297013663Siya Debirna Wayu & Ensaro, North Shewa (K3), Amhara, Ethiopiabb:38.719101:9.016790:38.733570:9.032930:bb
EthiopiaAmharaNorth Shewa (K3)Tarmaber247377297013663Tarmaber, North Shewa (K3), Amhara, Ethiopiabb:38.733170:8.956770:38.760540:8.998330:bb
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